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MAG-#F-IC3 Magnetek Parts Magnetek Festoon Heavy Duty Trolley 
Intermediate Trolley for Flat Cables 
1.00 x 2.25 Inch Cable Window 
1.5 Inch Saddle Radius 
For 3 and 4 Inch I-Beams 
6 Inches Long 
- 0 0.00 50.63
MAG-#R-CG0 Magnetek Parts Cable Grip and Locking Nut1/2 NPT (Used for Input Power) 
- 0 0.00 8.50
MAG-0041060 Magnetek Parts Magnetek Telemotive Legend Sheet for Buttons on a Tele-Pendent Transmitter, 22 Labels per Sheet (<1LB) 5/12 - 0 0.00 168.75
MAG-004-7051 Magnetek Parts Magnetek Pendant Button Lens 
Part 004-7051 
For a SBP Pendant Assembly 
Sold each 
Ships in 3 Days, WI 53050  
Dated 6-19
- 8 0.00 0.51
MAG-010804ZT78474 Magnetek Parts Magnetek Telemotive Replacement Transmitter Job ZT7874 ISG CLE Caster Tundish Car 301 - 0 0.00 3,350.00
MAG-0110060 Magnetek Parts Magnetek Brake Coil 
Part MAG-0110060 
aka 350005!03 
Brake Coil, 10BE Static F Coil 
Dated 1/18 
Ships in 1 to 2 days
- 0 0.00 2,200.00
MAG-0616-0 Magnetek Parts Magnetek Telemotive Case Half. JLTX Case Assembly. Bottom Yellow half only 7/7 - 0 0.00 216.00
MAG-0-BAT-01 Magnetek Parts Magnetek Battery FlexPro 
Part #0-BAT-01 
Rechargeable NiMH Battery Pack 
for the Flex 4 - 6 - 8 - 12EX - EM 
Ships in 3 Days, WI 53050 
Dated 11-2020
- 0 0.00 113.00
MAG-0-CHR-01 Magnetek Parts Magnetek Battery Charger FlexPro 
Part MAG-#0-CHR-01 
For Flex 4/6/8/12EX Pre-Engr Systems 
120 Volt AC Input
- 0 0.00 206.00
MAG-0-CIG-01 Magnetek Parts Magnetek Charger FlexPro 
12 VDC Cigarette Adaptor for Rechargeable Battery Combination Kit 
Part MAG-#0-CIG-01 
For Flex 4/6/8/12EX/EM Pre-Engineered Radio Systems
- 0 0.00 18.00
MAG-0-CMB-01 Magnetek Parts Magnetek Battery & Battery Charger 
Part MAG-#0-CMB-01 
For Flex 4/6/8/12EX/EM FlexPro Pre-Engineered Radio Systems 
Rechargeable NiMH Battery combination kit 
Includes 2 Battery Packs and 1 Charger
- 0 0.00 235.00
MAG-0-CMB-01E Magnetek Parts Magnetek Enrange Battery Charger 
Includes 2 Batteries & 1 Charger, NOT the Transmitter 
Part MAG-0-CMB-01E 
Charger Part CHR-01 Ni-MA Quick Charger
- 0 0.00 259.00
MAG-0-CVP-01 Magnetek Parts Magnetek Flex EX Pouch 
Part 0-CVP-01 
Transmitter Vinyl Pouch 
For a 4 Button Transmitter 
5 Pack, Qty of 5 
Ships in 3 Days, WI 53051 
Dated 03-2021 
(1LB) H 4" L 6" W 4" Box
- 44 0.00 46.00
MAG-0-CVP-02 Magnetek Parts Magnetek FlexPro Part 
Part 0-CVP-02 
Optional Transmitter Vinyl Pouch 
Flex 6EX/8EX/EM  
Five Pack, Qty 5 
Ships in 5 days, WI 53051 
Dated 5/18
3 0.00 46.00
MAG-0-CVP-03E Magnetek Parts Magnetek FlexPro Pre-Engineered Radio Systems, Optional Parts, Transmitter Vinyl Pouch Flex 12EX (5 PAK) - 0 0.00 44.00
MAG-0-CVP-201 Magnetek Parts Magnetek Flex EX Standard Packaged "Crane/Hoist" Systems, Flex EX Spare Parts and Options, Protective padded case for 4 button TX - 0 0.00 75.00
MAG-0-CVP-202 Magnetek Parts Magnetek Enrange Cover 
Part #0-CVP-202 
Item 0-CVP-202E 
Padded - Fitted Transmitter Cover 
For FLEX6EX - 8EX - 6EX2 
Ships in 2 Days, WI 53051 
Dated 04-2021
- 0 0.00 83.00
MAG-0-CVP-203 Magnetek Parts Magnetek FlexPro Pre-Engineered Radio Systems, Optional Parts, Flex 12EX: Protective Padded Case for 12 Button TX - 0 0.00 81.00
MAG-0-DWH-01 Magnetek Parts Magnetek FlexPro Pre-Engineered Radio Systems, Battery and Battery Charger Options, Battery charger desktop/wall mount housing - 0 0.00 103.00
MAG-0-EMS-03 Magnetek Parts Magnetek Enrange Spring Flex EX 
Part #0-EMS-03E 
Catalog 0-EMS-03  
E-Stop Spring 
For a Flex EX Transmitter 
Ships from stock in 3 Days, WI 53051 
Dated 06-2020
0 0.00 10.00
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AC Motor Control

AC Motor Control
Adjustable Frequency Crane Controls are the Next Generation of Crane Performance:
   - IMPULSE®•G+ Series 4
   - IMPULSE®•VG+ Series 4
   - IMPULSE®•G+ Mini
Radio Remote Control

Radio Remote Control
Transmitters-Handheld Style:
  - EnrangeTM Flex EX Series
  - Flex Pro Series Radio Control
  - Telemotive Flex VUE®
  - Telemotive telePendantTM
  - Telemotive telePilotTM
  - Telemotive Pendant Style
Transmitters-Bellybox Style:
  - Telemotive MLTXTM, MLTX2TM
  - Telemotive SLTXTM, XLTXTM
  - Telemotive® MBT
  - EnrangeTM CAN-4 Receiver
  - EnrangeTM CAN-6 Receiver
  - EnrangeTM Flex M Receiver
  - Telemotive 30R Receiver
  - Telemotive 18K Receiver
  - Telemotive inteleSmart Receiver
Brake Products

Brake Products
Brake Products:
  - 200S Industrial Shoe Brakes
  - 300M AIST Mill Duty Shoe Brakes
  - Heavy-Duty Disc 400D
  - Motor Mounted Brakes
  - Vertical Brakes
  - Hy-Thrust Actuators
  - Braketronic® Controller
  - Brake Rectifiers
  - Wheels, Couplings, Enclosures
Pendant Pushbutton Stations

Pendant Pushbutton Stations
Pendant Pushbutton Stations:
  - SBI Pendant Pushbutton
  - SBP® Pendant Pushbutton
  - SBP2® Pendant Pushbutton
Cable and Festoon Systems

Cable and Festoon Systems
Cable & Festoon Systems:
  - C-Track Festoon
  - Heavy-Duty Aluminum Festoon
  - Heavy-Duty I-Beam Festoon
  - Marine Terminal I-Beam Festoon
  - Mill Duty I-Beam Festoon
  - Plug & Play Festoon Hardware
  - Flat Festoon & Round Pendant
Conductor Bar Systems

Conductor Bar Systems
Conductor Bar Systems:
  - FABA® 100 Conductor Rail System
  - ELECTROBAR® 8-Bar Enclosed
    Conductor Bar System
  - ELECTROBAR® Elite Conductor
    Bar System
  - ELECTROBAR® FS (Finger Safe)
    Conductor Bar System
  - ELECTROBAR® HX-Bar Insulated
    Conductor Bar
Collision Avoidance Systems

Collision Avoidance Systems
Collision Avoidance:
  - LaserGuardTM
  - ReFlx® 120
  - ReFlx® 120 "Plus"
Replacement Transmitters, Parts

Replacement Transmitters & Parts
  - Transmitters
  - Switches
  - Other Parts
Batteries & Chargers

Replacement Batteries & Chargers
Replacement Batteries & Chargers:
BT10KP-4 (NiMH)
BT104-0 (NiCad)
BT107-0 (Alkaline)
BT108-0 (NiMH)
BT111-0 (Li)
BT111-1 (Li)
BT113-0 (Alkaline)
BT114-0 (NiMH)
BT115-0 (NiMH)
BT120-0 (Alkaline)
BT122-0 (NiMH)
BT123-0 (NiMH)
BT128-0 (NiMH)
BT621-0 (Alkaline)
BT621-1 (Li)
BT623-0 (Li)
BT624-0 (Li)
BT628-0 (LeadAcid)
BT644-6 (LeadAcid)
BT646-0 (Alkaline)
  - Other parts & battery types
  - All NiMH Batteries 2021
DC Motor and Magnet Control

DC Motor and Magnet Control
Digital DC Drives:
    - OmniPulseTM DDC DC Drive
    - OmniPulseTM DSD DC Control
Magnet Controllers:
    - MagnePulseTM Digital Magnet
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